Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 With Retail Box

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Upgraded Version of Starter Kit RFID Stepper Motor Learning Kits Description: RFID Learning Suite is the entry to the master suite upgrades, updates place mainly in: 1.1602 I2C 1602 replaced the screen to control it more convenient, 2.New RFID module and RFID keychain and white card, 3. Added DS1302 clock module, 4. New of the sound detection module, 5.New temperature and humidity module, 6. New water level detection module, 7. Added 4 * 4 keypad module 8. New of 8 * 8 dot matrix module Package Included: 1 X UNO Board 1 X USB Cable 1 X Jump Cable 1 X Breadboard 5 X LED Light 1 Pack Resistor 1 X Female to male dupond line 1 X Potentiometer 1 X Buzzer 1 X 74HC595 1 X Infrared receiver 1 X LM35 1 X Flame Sensor 1 X Ball Switch 1 X Photoresistor 1 X Key button 1 X Remote control 1 X 4-digit display tube 1 X 8*8 Dot matrix module 1 X 1-digit display tube 1 X Stepper motor driver board 1 X Stepper motor 1 X 9g Servo 1 X IIC 1602 LCD 1 X XY joystick module 1 X Temperature module 1 X Water test module 1 X RFID Module 1 X RFID keychain 1 X RFID White card 1 X Sound Module 1 X Relay Module 1 X Clock Module 1 X 4*4 Key board 1 X RGB 3 color module 1 X 9V battery Snap

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18 reviews for Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 With Retail Box

  1. h***h

    No protection when mailed! Box was broken. Bought as gift so will update review once opened.

  2. I***v

    Everything is perfectly packed. To msk delivery 2 weeks. I recommend the seller!

  3. D***v

    Delivered in 11 days. It seems that everything is in place. Packed very well. Instructions with the description did not find. Apparently, is designed for an advanced user.;)

  4. A***h

    Works. Taking into account the new year delivery is fast. Recommended

  5. K***o

    Ordered January 7 received on January 18 Ultra fast

    Thank you very much for the speed of sending.

    Everything is very well packaged, the ordered parts in addition were added directly into the box.

    More than just trying all this, I’ll come back and give a little feedback.

    Great product, great seller 🙂

  6. AliExpress Shopper

    Everything is good. 1.5 city ochikuwan

  7. M***r

    Very rich set, consistent with the description. No problem contact with the seller. I recommend and greet the seller.

  8. B***n

    Can’t wait to do all sort of things!

  9. AliExpress Shopper

    The box is intact although during the delivery time managed to fly on the plane, ride the train and swim on the steamer. Complete set, quality is satisfied. The seller is excellent.

  10. D***O

    The goods came, like everything is in stock, the efficiency has not yet checked

  11. AliExpress Shopper

    He reached my hand faster and smoothly than I expected.

  12. A***a

    Shipment to Kiev, Ukraine took 16 days. Parts are packed in separate cover. Has dividers for the plastic container. Looks nice, didn’t tested yet.

  13. h***h

    Delivery is fast, packed perfectly, working capacity has not yet checked

  14. O***v

    i have received the parcel after around 26 days since requested. i m so happy to have it. i havent checked whether components work properly. will leave feedback later.

  15. K***v

    Delivery to yufo 8 days. Everything seems to be in place. Uno working the rest has not yet checked. Seller recommend. Sent on the next day after payment.

  16. O***a

    Shipping. Quick. In the urals reached in 12 days, perhaps the fact that the parcel was sent from hong kong. Track number was, tracked. Everything came safe and sound. Designer inside the parcel in a convenient plastic container.
    Communication with customer: asked to extend protection (for checking sensors)-extended.

    Some sensors of old models. Cons on the breadboard are blurred. I would like more long wires in the set. Rfid reader and analog temperature sensor-do not work as it is necessary or i have not figured out yet. Everything else works, checked.

    Addition for beginners in arduino: resistors are not signed, you need to look color marking or measure (they are 220 ohms, 1 kohm and 10 kohm). The contacts in the lcd display and the rfid module need to be soldered independently (the contacts go in the set).

  17. AliExpress Shopper

    Came quickly and safely (dpd)

  18. A***n

    Completeness did not check. The box is whole, everything lies in a placer as in my photo. I did not communicate with the seller.

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